Investing in startups has been a trend for an investor who seeking high potential. Telemedicine, work from home, contactless payment, and new security are no doubting newcomers in a post-pandemic. Covid-19 revokes people to reorient mindsets and revalue for the future.

  Realtize mission


In 2021, 13 percent of adults in the United States invested in the Crypto market.


In 2021, 58 percent of adults in the United States invested in the Stock market.

"Realtize is building the next generation of digital investment platform that will traditional investors participate in regulated digital asset investment.

Realtize > Robinhood + Coinbase"

  Our process and platform

Determine the issuance rights and due diligence

Compliance issuance and fundraising marketing

Asset digitization and issuance

Investment and fundraising

Companies raise capital

Circulation and listing on the secondary market

The platform, democratizes the investment process, aims to provide buyers to invest in assets and help company to raise capital quickly and easily. Cutting out the intermediaries will result in buyers and sellers getting more out of their money as they save on commissions and fees charged by these intermediaries. This also makes the process much quicker as the back-and-forth between these middleman gets cut. Realtize establishes real estate startups and traditional assets marketplace such as “Zillow” and “Kickstart” to create a seamless investment experience for users.

  Our Service

Realtize is an all-in-one platform that helps real estate, ECO, technology and startup issuers to raise the capital. We will collaborate with variety of industries and help the companies to raise the capital through effective due diligence and client onboarding processes.