Raised of $100,000
minimum goal 475.9%
maximum goal
  • 518

Fast Facts

Hong Kong
ACH, Bitcoin, Tether, Credit card, Wire Transfer
3 Months

Investment FAQ

You can follow the complete guide for KYC verification process here
Anyone from anywhere, who has reached the legal age of being an adult and pass the KYC.
Founding Team 10%
Marketing 10%
Operation 5%
Seed Investors 5%
Farming pool 70%
-Liquidity Pool 30%
-Staking Pool 15%
-Transaction Pool 20%
-Reward Pool 5%
You can follow on how to participate in Realtize Crowdfunding here.
The locking period of seed investment is 3 months
Yes, NSBC tokenholders receive 5% of the transaction fee collected by NSAVDEX as dividend.
  1. Dec-21

    Import NSBC token to OKEXnetwork

  2. Dec-21


  3. Dec-08

    Step by Step Video Instruction

    How to add OKEx Main Net for Metamask Wallet

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1C4uCY-yLk

    NSAVDEX Investment Instruction

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIscjCl6SSQ&t=13s

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How to add my wallet to earn interest?
I believe in NSAV!
I am unable to see my NSBC tokens on my Metamask wallet, I had imported it earlier and now its vanished. - Invested $112
Here too! But I invested a lot more! I can’t remember how to connect back to the OKEx network and all the video instructions on here are private so I can’t watch them. Should not be this hard for us to do!
Same here... I still haven't even received my tokens months later... It could be that I'm missing a step somewhere to get them but there are no instructions on the correct process... Not to mention all the videos are marked private now... smh... NSAV is seriously making me want to just cut my lost's (and it's ALOT)...
Its been months, I still have not received my tokens in my metamask account. Can somebody help me with this??
I invested Because I believe in the vision and direction that NSAV is going. In FOMO I made the needed step to ensure I too can enjoy the Journey NSAV will ne taking - Invested $100
Anybody had luck with token? has it already been released?
Step by Step NSBC setup instruction Step 1: setup a metamask wallet: https://realtize.io/blog/post/9/how-to-get-a-metamask-wallet Step 2: setup OKEx network in side metamask wallet: https://youtu.be/_1C4uCY-yLk Step 3: import the NSBC token: https://youtu.be/iJz-NQgqc7g
Token address NSBC BSC 0x4837eB79E05C3aC845C010060C488992d1f1AcE0 NSBC OKEX 0x2Ff475f77e7b3b5b59986Cb3B728c2A201832F05
This is not a valid address it says.
I discovered my error. I have gotten my tokens. Thank you for this information you have provided!! Thank you Amit!!
Anybody had any luck getting the token address? Or am I just confused?!
Yes, it will come in your E-mail.they starting tomorrow with distribution just make sure the wallet address u have on file can accept decentralized exchange tokens.. Metamask is appropriate
What is the token address?
Supposed to be in the email released tomorrow! 12/20/21
Hello! I still don’t see the tokens in my MetaMask account. I have OKT OKexChain set up and I have imported the NSBC Token with what I believe to be the correct address and 18 as the decimal, etc. What are my next steps??
What is the token address?
I've also done the same but was told that the tokens won't be issued until after the new year. But no date was issued of when I would get my purchased tokens.
When are these tokens going to be available?
how do we find the token contract address?
Please check the Video updates.
I have watched the videos, and the only thing that was not explained or show is how to get the Token Contract address. I have everything else set up to the import the token I need this address, and on the video it was partial cut off. so how do i get or find it? and thank you for your quick response
Agreed. No contract address for the NSBC token, unless you can try to copy and past the cut off address in the YouTube video?
When the token will be distributed? I was told before when the campaign is over,,, which is over for last 4 days...
We are still processing the payment and Escrow. Announcement coming soon.
I have not reserved mine either
Hello, we will post the videos under updates section. Please check the information
What is the NSBC custom token data needed to add this token to a MetaMask wallet?
I also have the same question.
Also same question.......
This was posted in telegram: https://t.me/realtize/4870 Also see: https://www.oklink.com/en/oec/tokenAddr/ex19l68tam70va4kkvcdjemw2xz5gqcxtc9y3m8d5 contract appears to be: 0x2ff475f77e7b3b5b59986cb3b728c2a201832f05
Thanks, That worked. I had to add the OKexChain network to Metamask and then import the token. how to add the OKexChain, https://wiki.rugdoc.io/docs/how-to-connect-metamask-to-the-okexchain-network-okt/
I have not received mine yet, but now that my wallet is connected to the network we will see if I do.
I got the first document to sign after my card went through and after got the receipt for it but just got another document to sign. Both are needed correct since I wasn’t sure if the second was in error.
Debit card works
Every credit card I’ve tried to use comes back declined. The cards are good, what and why is it being declined?
Tried the minimum $100 on a $5000 cc and still declined. Frustrated and about to give up!
Hello, the CC transaction is very easy to be declined by card vendor. Please try to enter manually or different types of payment methods. Thank you
I see responses being made to multiple questions in here. Keep up the great work. Who would have thought of all the frustrations along with people trying to get money to you in exchange for some tokens, from both sides., Lol. Read comments fellow investors, a lot of questions answered there. I checked email had to sign 2 documents separately after errors kept popping up. Check your dashboard and learn from transactions shown there. I Used the Meta mask wallet address under my account pic. God bless. NSAV to the moon.
We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you all for the support.
I have not received the email to sign the contracts for my investment.
Please DM us. We will check your status.
Another question, I have 2 transactions in my account, which are signed already and payments failed. Will you try to run the payments again or do i need to cancel those transactions?
Please cancel the transaction and call your CC vendors.
when i add my wallet address from metamask and try to buy from saved cc. it shown "internal network error" and payment failed. what is the issue here? however, when i just enter"metamask" in the wallet address, payment went through. so what do i need to enter in the wallet address?
You might need to clean browser history and clean caches. You can edit the wallet address after the investment
my 2nd investment is not approved... Initially, made a lower transaction to see how the process is and then 2nd transaction was way higher and still in "Approval" stage.
Transaction has been approved.
I bought tokens and cc got accepted, but fill out the contract, where is the contract? Help
Check your email, mine were sent in 2 emails. Similar to doc-usign.
I purchased NSBC tokens and added (send to) address but I don't see my tokens.
You will receive token after campaign close
NSAVDEX Asset Contract. I input the code sent to my email and it states "invalid code"
Please try to click your email and sign the document.
how do I put in my TrustWallet address? I need to receive specific to this token and that token is not listed. is this only available in MetaMask? What other wallets can I use?
We recommend Metamask wallet.
Where can I go to setup an NSBC wallet?
Please check latest video instruction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1C4uCY-yLk
Regarding the “address” I just opened a Metamask acct but not linked with okechange network bc I live in United States. Are there other U.S. exchanges I can use or can I just use my Metamask address?
Currently, it's not running on CEX. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1C4uCY-yLk
Hello I was charged but can't sign without a verification code. I got the receipt but no code and no option to resend.
My verification code was sent to email
  • Reg-S + SAFT

    Offering Type
    The type of investments that can be made into this asset.
  • $100

    Min. Investment
    The smallest investment amount that this asset is accepting.
  • $1,000,000

    Max. Investment
    The largest investment amount that this asset is accepting.
  • $30,000,000

    Valuation Cap
    The maximum valuation at which your investment converts into equity shares or cash.