Realtize is a crowdfunding platform for all founders and funders. Launching on the platform begins with startups and real estate companies, for the issuers who wants to raise capital. For investors who wants to diversify their portfolios start from thousands. Realtize was built to lower the thresholds for both fundraising and funding and let the masses to engage.
Realtize welcome everyone who over legal age of being adults and has ability of taking legal responsibilities. Anyone with different background and investing experience. Our platform embraces individual, institutional, and accredited investors.

Each asset on platform setups limits according to the investment amount and types of exemptions.
Every fundraising project/company on Realtize will set a funding goal range, often starting at $100. The maximum investment amount will be set. For an investor who invests in a regulation CF offering, the investment with as less as $2,200 or 5% of lesser of net worth or annual income, and as much as $107,000.

Note: Investing in startup is highly risky. Being prepare with an attitude that you may lose whole investment. Never invest exceed result with affecting your life.
Realtize is a highly selected platform. There are only less than 3% application passed through due-diligence check, organization members KYC (Know Your Customer) check, AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) policies and procedures, and file issuers’ offering documents with the SEC. Issuers need to prepare company’s pitch deck, business model, and financial reports from very beginning.

Note: We do not guarantee the accuracy of information that issuers provided, but we screen each asset very strictly. Realtize wants to build a long- term and sustainable development relationship to bring global chance to all users.
Most of capital raisings from our platform through Regulation CF and A+, but we still deal with Regulation D and S.
Based on each offering, currently, the minimum investment amount may be as low as $100.
Investing on Realtize’s platform is easy.

Register and fill out basic information about you. Once you’ve created your account, we suggest you fill out your personal information, such as address and phone number. Also, verify your identity by doing a KYC check. This is required to invest in all offerings on Realtize. If you are an accredited investor, we suggest you verify at the same time as well.

After you passed KYC check, browse investment opportunities and find something exciting you. Evaluating the offering and taking some time to view all the terms and company documents display at assets’ page. Doing your own due diligence is necessary. Asking issuers question that confusing you. We highly proposal to grab all information that help you to make decisions. Moreover, do not forget to review the risks of offerings exposed.

If you make an informed investment decision. Click “Invest” button on the asset page. There may be some perks and bonus when you choose to invest in certain amount. Check “Perks/Bonus” if those interest you. Here, you will be asked to do a short questionnaire before enter investing page.

Entering investing page, you will be asked to input the investment amount you would like to invest. If this page has “Perks/Bonus”, you could re-check again and consider about it and it’s optional. Some companies will not offer perks. After you enter the investment amount, there are payment information, and you would like to invest as an individual or entity.

Completing all required to fill information related to investment commitment, you need to confirm that acknowledge all terms. You can view your investment at Investments.
Once you selected one payment method, your investment will be processed immediately, after you agree with terms and click “Invest” bottom (the one in the investing page), and the investment goes to an escrow bank. When the offering meets the minimum raising goal, this funding closes to success. After the close of campaign, all collected investments from different investors will be sent from escrow bank to the issuer. However, in the case that the asset does not reach its minimum funding goal, your payment will be refunded back in the original payment method in full.
For compliance reasons, you will be charged as soon as you commit, and your investment will go to an escrow account. However, if the asset does not meet its minimum funding goal or cancels its campaign, your money will be fully refunded. Once the assets are funded successfully, the investment in the escrow account will release to issuers.
Yes, you can increase your investment until the campaign’s deadline, but if you want to cancel or decrease the investment amount, you can only do so within 48 hours. Once an investment becomes invested, it is no longer cancellable.
Yes, the investment can be canceled up to 48 hours from the moment your investment is into escrow bank. You cannot cancel your investment after the campaign funding is complete. Before the end of the campaign, you are exigent of canceling your investment for any reason, then you need to take the consequences.
Regulation crowdfunding:

1. For non-accredited investors, whose annual income or net worth is less than $107,000 are limited to the greater of $2,200 or 5% of the greater of the investor’s annual income or the net worth. For whose annual income and net worth are both greater than $107,000, the investor is limited to 10% of the greater of the investor’s annual income or net worth, but the maximum of invest  
2. For accredited investors, there is no limit.
For Regulation A+:

1. For non-accredited investors, the investor can invest a maximum of 10% of the greater of the investor’s annual income or net worth
2. For accredited investors, there is no limit.
An accredited investor means who satisfy the following requirements:

1. The investor has a net worth of over $1 million, either alone or with a spouse.
2. His/her annual income exceeded $200,000 or $300,000 together with a spouse.
3. Entity or trust nor formed for the specific purpose of investing with over $5M in assets
4. An entity with all accredited investors by the standards above.
5. The investor who holds in good standing in Series 7, 65, or 82.
Depending on what types of offerings you invested. You would get tokens, if you invested in security token offerings (STOs), in your wallet. If you invested in non crypto assets, you would get a SAFE, which is a security that gives you a financial interest. Some companies provide perks or bonus, those could be real/virtual items, more shares, coupon, and early access right of next turn of investing for particular investment amounts with limit of investors.

Note: A SAFE is an agreement to provide investor a future equity stake based on the number of investors invested and only if the events occur, such as acquisition, IPO, others.
Once you committed your investment, your inputs go to escrow account. Only the campaign succeeds, issuer gets funding and investors receive STOs/SAFE. The campaign enters finalization process, investor will receive a signed agreement, and the tokens are distributed by the escrow party.

You will need enter a wallet address to receive digital assets.

Note: Campaign succeeds means: 1. The raising reaches minimum goal before the end of campaign; 2. The offering is not withdrawn for any reason, such as legally, or issuer terminates during the campaign.
Your crypto wallet has the address allow you to hold, to receive and to send digital assets on blockchain. Every wallet has an address which exposes to publics and a private key should never be seen to others. Keep private key securely and Realtize will never ask you for it.
Apply a wallet and create your account through internet. Popular options include Coinbase wallet, MetaMask and imToken.
Once the campaign succeeded, issuer and Realtize will send a notification to let you confirm the mail address and wallet address. When you confirm, issuer starts to distribute perks.
Realtize is not able to hold or touch your credit card information. We don’t have access to save your personal information when you submit them on our platform. Your payment information will send directly to our processors. We can only see the last four numbers of your card if you used plaid or manually enter your card number, but no additional information.
Yes, for most assets, Realtize allows anyone to invest, but who can be legally determined as an adult and can bear the legal liability. However, Regulation S does not allow a U.S. person, or someone physically located in the United States to invest.
You can earn a return if and when the asset is acquired, earns income, or goes public at a higher price than you invested in it. You will receive a return depends on what types of offers, reviewing asset’s legal documents, and contacting issuers when you have any questions. However, you should acknowledge that most startups have risks, and you can bear the loss if there is a real risk.
After you invested in an investment, you can check anytime on your “Portfolio”. Also, save the assets that you invested in and track companies’ “Updates” on offering display page.
Realtize support ACH transfers from US bank accounts, credit and debit cards, including Master and Visa.

Note: Realtize not support to multiple payment methods for one investment.
For U.S. individuals: Passport and Driver’s license

For foreign individuals: Passport

For address proof: Valid Driver’s License, Utility Bill, Insurance Card, Lease Agreement or mortgage statement, Bank or credit card statement, Property ownership certificate, Car registration
Realtize reserves the right to change this policy without notice, this policy was last updated on Oct 24, 2021.